dahlia & rose's aim is to bring you the buyer that 'feel good factor' through quality and a beautiful aesthetic which is both indulgent and Luxe whilst being affordable.


We incorporate fun and fashion with being mindful of the the environment we live, and realise the importance of being eco-conscious. This is why our body products are all natural with plant derived ingredients, our Candles are Vegan and made here in the U.K by a well established small manufacturer.

Our Jewellery is made in our favourite holiday region in Spain by a well established family run business whom we have a great relationship with.

We feel it is important to package our items to be Eco-Conscious. This means our bubble wrap is Biodegradable , our stickers and wrapping paper are made from recycled paper. Our plastic is also made from recycled materials and our glass jars are made from recycled glass.

Our Story

dahlia & rose is a small business started by Nicole.

After 13 years of being an agent in the fashion and photographic industry, it was time for pastures new!

She has always had an interest in natural body products and loved that the addition of the essential oils could help boost a particular emotion for the user's experience, whilst also having a wonderful luxe smell and texture.

Fashion, Jewellery and Homeware has always been a creative outlet for her whether it be styling an outfit for an event or a room in her home, it always gave her a buzz of excitement and enjoyment.

Formed out of her love for fashion, textiles, beauty , flowers and vintage vibes , she decided to make her dream a reality and open an online boutique shop providing things that she has always had a passion for. 

Nicole lives at home in London with her husband, two little boys and Border Terrier.